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Dear Sci-Fi Online

Having read the review for the Red Dwarf VI DVD, I have to say it seemed quite well balanced and well written with a modicum of background knowledge of previous releases. However as one of the four 'fan' commentators, the following statement bothered me slightly:

  • "There is another fan commentary (on Gunmen of the Apocalypse) which sadly isn't as good as the one recorded for Series Five's Back to Reality. Only one of the fans seemed to have bothered to do any preparation - and he got stick for it too by the other fans."

As the one who reportedly did prepare, I would just like to say that the whole thing was done in a very light hearted way and any 'stick' as you call it was intended as, and taken as, a bit of fun.

Clearly, none of us were present at the recording of Gunmen and therefore any comments were really down to our own feelings about the show combined with a spattering of knowledge.

All the Red Dwarf fans I know (And there are quite a few) share a similar sense of humour and taking the rise out of each other is a way of life. I'd hate to think, anyone reading the review would think there was any serious 'stick' regarding preparation, In fact, we all got on very well, and I talk to one of my co-commentators almost daily.

Keep up the good work.

Steve Harris (aka Captain Darling)

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