Response to review of The One and the Golden Circle

Dear Sci-Fi Online

Thank you for your kind, and for the most part, positive review of The One and the Golden Circle. If I may, I would very much to respond to your observations:

Shortly after the descriptions of the Indians girls and early in the dialogue, Quinta, explained she was a graduate student studying genome research, and Leta was an oral surgery resident. I had hoped this would settle any prostitution question.

Even Blane thought the sudden connection to Leta was a little rushed, and he said so in his thoughts for the reader to hear.

Leta was established as a psychic via her control over the gulls and raven, thus, she recognized Blane's over soul, which turned out to be Atman. All of this sudden recognition was supposed to be something mystical, and that's why she started talking about astral projection.

If you recall, later in the book, Bob explained that even though ancestral memory past from male to male, woman have the same ability, albeit on her male side. He also said he was working to see if a mother-daughter connection could be made and to have done so in the book would have been a little too much for an already complicated story line. We would have been going in all directions and getting nowhere! Be assured, it crossed my mind, several times, about the women's lib situation.

Leta never said she recalled meeting Blane in other life times. It was Nicca the old shaman who told her of her many connections to him. Even if she had remembered being with him in other lives it would not have come from genetic memory, rather, it would have come from her greater over souls mind; which, works outside of and independent of DNA.

I may have needed to be a little clearer on some of the things you questioned.

At any rate, I want to commend you, and thank you once again for your appreciation of the implications that impact the past, present, and future of mankind I intended to convey in The One and the Golden Circle.


Don Allen Beene
(Author of The One and the Golden Circle.)

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