Your Red Dwarf reviewer is a smeg head

Dear Sci-Fi Online

I'm sorry but I just could [sic] let these ignorant and misinformed comments go [In your recent review of the DVD of series IV or Red Dwarf]:

  • "The extras are more impressive than season three's appalling offerings"

Would you like to explain to me how the IV extras are more impressive than the III extras. I fail to see how they differ.

  • "The only really bad extras are the Ace Rimmer and Lurve 'documentaries' They are listed as 'documentaries' but are really just clips cobbled together from the shows entire history"

I'm sorry but these are NEVER described at documentaries. In fact it's only your review that I have seen them being referred to as this. They're featurettes and that's what it says on the box.

  • "Oh, and this time around they've tried to make the talking book chapters sound relevant by stating that they show the characters in a new light?!!? Er... no they don't! And anyone who is even remotely familiar with Red Dwarf will know that the books and the TV series constantly contradict one another anyway."

I'm afraid that is ignorance at it's worst. And if you claim to be even remotely familiar with Red Dwarf then you should know the books exist in a totally different continuity to the TV series. They co-exist but do not inhabit the same 'universe' at it were. Therefore the inclusion of these clips is incredibly relevant as it shows some of the scenes that were played out alternatively, in the books.

Your review was a joke and may I suggest you get someone with a modicum of Red Dwarf knowledge (or even intelligence) to write V, VI, VII and VIII.

Jonathan Capps

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