Alien facts we should know

Dear Sci-Fi Online

I would just like to point out that the author of the "Facts You Should Know" about Alien the Director's Cut has written false information..

Alien was not shot on 70mm film. It was shot in 35mm anamorphic panavision format. Some of the prints in 1979 were blown up to 70mm but the original negatives, the whole process of editing and the regular prints were in 35mm anamorphic.

And even if it it was so, it would not have been shot in 70mm because all 70mm films are shot in 65mm and projected with 70mm prints.

And if you are not sure about whether I am right or not look at the film yourself and you will see anamorphic lens artefacts every time a source of light hits the lens of the camera directly.

And if that does not assure you I can send you a picture from the set where you can see them using a panaflex gold-series camera, panavision does not have any 70mm cameras that they manufacture themselves, for 70mm applications they use basic arri 70mm cameras and modify them with panavision lenses, then sell them in that form.

I strongly suggest that you make up something else for the #1 reason because that statement is not true.

Thanks for listening

Edgar Njari

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