Save more money through Amazon

Dear Sci-fi Online

I thought I'd e-mail you and let you know that there is an even better way to save money by buying products through your site from Amazon.

I have started using Sci-Fi Online to buy all my DVDs and CDs of late, but I noticed that if you click through from Sci-Fi Online's reviews to the product you can save more money by clicking on the title on Amazon. By doing this you open up a list of Amazon sellers who are sometimes selling the same goods way cheaper.

For example Amazon are selling the Captain Scarlet DVD box set for £20 cheaper than the RRP and I found a seller who was selling it for £10 less than Amazon. Be warned though Amazon have a star system so you can see how good seller's are. But my purchase arrived in 2 days and was still wrapped as it would have been if I'd bought it new.

William Blake

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