Wait and see for Thunderbirds

Dear Sci-fi Online

Can you please explain why you have spent a good deal of time and effort running down the Thunderbirds movie before anyone has had a chance to see whether it will be any good. Surely you should be standing back and waiting before attacking it. Sure, if it is rubbish then go to town on it.

Other than that slight moan, I just wanted to let you know you have a wonderful site - much better than most of the high street mags.


Mr J Frakes (no relation)

Editor replies:

Yes, very funny. I'm not entirely convinced that your name is Frakes, especially as your e-mail address gave away your real surname.

All we have done is report the facts about the movie which made us laugh. For starters the producers seem convinced that this is the first time Thunderbirds has made it to the big screen (there have already been two movies). Then there is the fact that Gerry Anderson thinks that the whole thing is going to be a disaster - he should know. Can you imagine if Gene Roddenberry had not given his blessing for Star Trek: The Next Generation?

The movie may well be good, but the fact that Working Title keep coming out with ridiculous quotes is too good an opportunity to miss. Working Title co-chairman and producer, Tim Bevan, recently said: "The decision we've made is that the puppet show doesn't exist as far as the US is concerned. It's just a great idea for a movie and has all the eye candy necessary for a terrific family film."

So with self publicity like that, the producers are not making life easier for themselves.


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