Will we ever see a Red Dwarf movie?

Dear Sci-fi Online

Can you please please please tell me what on earth is going on with the Red Dwarf movie? I know you print regular news updates, but is this film really likely to get made now?


Mike Hallet

Editor replies:

We currently have sweepstakes running in the office - most of us think that it (like the Hitchhiker's movie) will never get made and if it does it will be a pile of steaming Dingo's droppings!

Popular opinion here is that the last few TV series have been rubbish and a movie would be a huge messy mistake. The movie will be funded with mainly American money and did you see the mess they made of Red Dwarf USA? If you've never heard of this then let me fill you in.

Red Dwarf USA was an American spin on the UK show. Only it was shite and never got past the pilot stage - a second attempt at a pilot even saw Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) playing The Cat???!!? Back in my days at Dreamwatch I interviewed the original Cat, Danny John Jules - a very friendly man - who found it extremely frustrating that they had recast everyone so badly. [update - since this reply was written we have interviewed Danny John Jules again. He is still amused at how much of a mess the Americans made of the pilot. Check out the interview by clicking here.]

Hopefully the whole movie idea will quietly slip away and we'll never hear any more about it...

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