Call it a Stargate reviews

Dear Sci-fi Online

Can you please tell me why you gave the Call it a Stargate movies such a high mark in your DVD review section. While I agree they are funny and well made, do you really thing they warrant such high marks? I for one don't!

Philip Stevens

Editor replies:

As the reviewer points out, no money was spent during the making of these films and we happen to think they are damn fine productions.

The guys who make these movies do so for the love of it and they allow you to download them free from their website. I have lost count of the number of awful Hollywood movies we have been sent to review - and they are asking you to part with £20.

When you consider how the Call it a Stargate movies are made I think encouragement and publicity are what the producers deserve. And if anyone feels they can do better... go on. Give it a go. And remember Sci-Fi-Online will be here to let sci-fi fans know of your creative talents.

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