Why so much general content?

Dear Sci-fi Online

Can you tell me why on Earth you review so much stuff which is not Sci-Fi related? Unfaithful? Dinner Rush? to name just two. And the toys section too! Why is there so much general padding?

Apart from that you are doing a great job. Love the comps!

Dave Marks

Editor replies:

Thanks for your comments Dave. The main reason we review some non-sci-fi related products is because we have had a lot of e-mails asking whether we have any plans to launch another site that covers more general DVD/Video and movie reviews.

At the present time the powers that be inform me that they are happy with sticking with what they know best - sci-fi. However, to gauge the number of sales we generate through the site (which is what keeps the thing running) we are experimenting with more general titles. And, oddly enough, we are selling more of the none sci-fi titles through the site than we thought we would.

These other releases are there to give you the choice to read them if you are interested. If not ignore them. But rest assured that we will continue to review the last sci-fi reviews here before you see them elsewhere.

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