Why no Michael Shanks interview?

Dear Sci-fi Online

I just discovered your site. Looks great.

I was wondering why there was no interview with Michael Shanks of Stargate SG-1, particularly as he's been in the press lately after he decided to leave the show (he cited his character becoming "wallpaper" as the reason for his decision) and his fans are campaigning for the writers to write scripts for his consideration.

I saw that you have interviews with the other cast members. Any chance of an interview?

Cheryl Crawford

Editor replies:

We are still plugging away at this one. We did have an interview with Michael Shanks just before he quit, but we decided not to run this because we wanted to run an interview that had him tell why he was leaving.

Sadly, this is not a policy some of the UK Sci-fi mags have been too bothered about. We noticed one, a few months ago, ran a cover with Shanks on it claiming to have an inside interview with him on why he was leaving. The interview itself was obviously an old interview but the first half of it was filled with speculation by the writer on why he was leaving. Not once did they ask Shanks about his decision to leave.

If you ask me that is cheating the readers and this is something that we certainly are not prepared to do here. We hope to have an interview with Shanks soon, but we don't want to fob you off with any old rubbish.

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