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A replicated Replicator? - Nit-pick

Dear Johnny Fanboy,

A few minutes into the Stargate: Atlantis episode The Return: Part II, Sheppard and company burst through Atlantis’s Stargate in a puddle jumper. In the process, they squash a human-form Replicator flat.

Viewing this scene again, I see that there is only one Replicator before the jumper hits it, yet when the jumper backs up there are two bodies on the floor. Why is this?


Tess G. Wanacek


Johnny Fanboy replies:

Well, I could concoct an elaborate explanation about fragments falling off the human-form Replicator and reforming into a second body, but in fact there are two human-form Replicators to begin with. This isn’t terribly apparent (the production team should have established this more clearly) but if you freeze-frame the scene just before the puddle jumper hits, you can just see a second Replicator, mostly hidden by the one in the foreground.

Uh oh - here comes Gul Madred from Star Trek: The Next Generation to convince me otherwise. There are two Replicators. There are two Replicators...