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PS4 Game Review

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Shootvaders: The Beginning


Format: PS4
Publisher: 7 Raven Studios
Developer: Went2Play
RRP: £5.79
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Release Date: 30 June 2023

We have reports there are hostile forces gathering from all corners of the universe. The alien scum will stop at nothing to destroy you. Your mission briefing, Captain Dorin Fischer, is to save the future of humanity by finding a place for us to live. Your training has prepared you to drop into a combat trance as you mow down endless aliens hostiles, but to succeed you'll need expert combat reflexes and piloting skills. Enemies will come in waves. Stay alive as long as possible to collect salvage to upgrade your ship. But your enemies are improving too, each wave they will get stronger. The only path to the promised new world is to travel through space-time: a gateway between galaxies. Your mission: blast out of this galaxy and find an exotic new planet and new possibilities for all of humanity...

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Shoot down the alien invaders and save your planet

Shootvaders: The Beginning is a retro arcade style shooter which owes much to the classic Space Invaders.

If, like me, you grew up in the '80s in the arcades then you'll get a blast, not to mention a huge wave of nostalgia, from this retro offering.

As well as the single player mode, there's also a two-player co-op mode (fire friendly but not crash friendly). As you progress and earn points you can add four weapons to your spaceship. There are 12 weapons (6 human and 6 alien weapons) to choose from. There are also six spaceship upgrades (each of which have 4 levels of progression).

While not the most original, nor challenging game, it's still a heap of retro fun at a great price.


Nick Smithson

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