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PSVR2 Game Review

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C-Smash VRS


Format: PSVR2
Publisher: RapidEyeMovers
Developer: Wolf & Wood
RRP: £24.49
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Release Date: 23 June 2023

Travel to a timeless space between past and future. An immersive full-body VR experience, C-Smash VRS brings together the very best of racket sports and timeless action puzzle gameplay. The game’s high level of physical immersion, gameplay variety and distinct one-more-go quality will provide endless fun...

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Give yourself the most enjoyable workout

C-Smash VRS fuses the best of racket sports - squash, tennis, racket, paddle ball and beyond - into a cosmic physical experience. The soundtrack delivers original tracks from DJ Ken Ishii (Rez Infinite) and Danalogue (The Comet is Coming, Soccer 96).

I've been on a bit of a health kick recently, losing a lot of weight and trying to get a little fitter. C-Smash VRS is a fun, challenging experience, with the added benefit that, if you play it correctly, results in an effortless cardiovascular workout.

There are a number of modes to ensure you never get bored, although the single player content is a little limited at launch. Playing against real opponents is where the meat of the game is, not to mention where you'll have the most fun:

Head to Head: Plays like single player mode, however you have blocks behind you, which you must defend from your opponent, whilst trying to hit the other player's blocks.

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There are several two player modes including Head to Head

Firewall: In the middle of the court there are a number of blocks and if you hit them they turn to your colour. The more blocks you convert to your colour the more points you score.

Bodyshot: Here there are two balls in play and the aim is to hit your opponent.

Quickshot: This mode is the most challenging. There's one block on the court and the first player to hit it earns points.

Playing online with random strangers is a little problematic in as much as trying to find a game can be a little tricky. This is mainly because you have to chose which mode you want to play rather than joining a mode at random. There are more modes coming in the future (including a co-op mode), so this is really one that looks set to get better in time.

This is yet another example of a game that I wouldn't be even remotely interested in if it were a standard, pancake release. However, in VR this is an essential purchase.


Nick Smithson

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