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PS4 / PS5 Game Review

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Murderous Muses


Format: PS4 / PS5
Publisher: D'Avekki Studios Ltd
Developer: D'Avekki Studios Ltd
RRP: £11.49
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Age Restrictions: 18+
Release Date: 12 April 2023

It's a year to the day since controversial artist Mordechai Grey was murdered. Now, a new exhibition has opened on the anniversary of his death, featuring six of his most famous portraits - each one a potential suspect in his murder. You play as the night watch, exploring the gallery in the echoing hours to uncover clues about his death. Solve puzzles and use the Eyes of Mordechai to bring the portraits to life, restoring the past to find his killer...

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Uncover clues and use deduction to find the killer

In Murderous Muses you are tasked with solving a cold-case murder mystery that re-rolls every time you play. Explore a procedurally-generated 3D gallery with shifting rooms and unexpected twists. Uncover clues and use deduction to find the killer. Solve puzzles and unlock secret locations.

There's a huge amount of potential here and D'Avekki Studios have once again tried to inject originality into the gaming market. The studio was responsible for Dark Nights with Poe and Munro, which eagle-eyed gamers will spot the occasional easter egg for.

I may have been distracted and not focusing properly, but I found the mechanics of the game a little too confusing as it wasn't overly clear what on earth I was supposed to do. This could be the game not explaining itself properly, or me not paying attention. However, once I discovered what on earth I was supposed to be doing I found it to be quite ingenious in its execution.

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Solve puzzles and unlock secret locations

The graphics are a little dated, but then the main focus here is the video segments of the suspects. The acting, which is all important in games like this, ranges from a little poor to competent. But then this shouldn't put you off too much as it's fathoming out the killer that's important here.

There's much replayability in the fact that each time you restart the game the murderer is randomly chosen, meaning you're never fully sure who is guilty until you work it all out.

It's cheap and engaging and certainly a game that's worth investing your time in if you're a real fan of murder mystery games.


Nick Smithson

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