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Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S Game Review



Voices of Crime Edition


Format: Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S
Publisher: 505 Games
Developer: NExT Studios
RRP: £8.74
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Age Restrictions: 16+
Release Date: 21 March 2023

Take on the role of an Acoustic Detective investigating crime scenes using a new aural device that allows you to hear voices from the past. Step through time as you use your device to eavesdrop on conversations from past crime scenes. Every clue, every move, and every motive will be presented in the form of audio. Rather than controlling any one character, you only need listen to their conversations, following along as the story evolves. Use the information you hear to match names to voices and determine how everything (and everyone) is related. Can you discover the truth...?


Move from room to room, listening in on conversations

Unheard: Voices of Crime Edition contains the original Unheard game as well as 'The Lethal Script' case that sees you investigating a movie industry mystery.

The game is fairly straightforward. You have a map of your environment and you can see your character, who you can move from room to room. By the aid of a futuristic device, you are able to replay events from the past. However, you can only hear and see the movements and conversations of individuals when you are in the same room as them. You can pause, rewind, fast forward the recording at any time and be in any room you choose. The aim is to pick up as many clues from the conversations to work out the answers that the investigation team is looking for.

You're given a list of suspects and persons in the environment and you must work out who is who. Once you think you know the name of an individual, you can tag them so that you can see their movements even when you're not in the same room as them. Once you've tagged all of the individuals with their names you can attempt to solve each question. And, as you're told how many you have deducted correctly, if you don't have them all you can carry on listening to conversations or (as I did on one occasion) keep changing the name of the individual on the question you answered incorrectly, until you stumble upon the right answer.


There's a good mix of scenarios and environments

There's a good mix of scenarios and environments, from police station to a theatre, to keep your interest. While the graphics might not be anything to shout about, this is one of those games where it's not about the aesthetics. It's the detective work where this game shines brightly, allowing you to exercise the little grey cells.

When you start the game it's recommends that you wear headphones. While this is not necessary, it does help as on occasion the number of voices talking at the same time can be a little distracting. One other aspect that is essential in a game like this, is that the voice actors deliver believable performances. And they all do a great job here.

It's fun, challenging original and incredibly great value for money. The only real negative is that there's little, if any, replayability. Once you've finished the game it's highly unlikely you'll want to return to it in the future.


Nick Smithson

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