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Official Cookbook (Hardback)


Author: Tara Theoharis
Publisher: Titan Books
128 pages
RRP: £24.99
ISBN: 978 1 80336 492 6
Publication Date: 18 May 2023

Discover 40+ recipes like Mushroom Burgers, Suspicious Stew, and The Cake. Featuring appetizers, snacks, entrees, desserts and drinks that are ideal for every skill level (and player type), this cookbook is just what you need to bring a touch of Minecraft into your kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to gather, cook and eat...

For Minecraft fans out there the Official Cookbook is a novel treat that will take your obsession to the next level. There's something quite satisfying about eating one of these recipes whilst playing the game.

Obviously, if you're not a Minecraft fan then this is just a novel cookbook. Normally these sort of releases are reserved for gifts for that hard to buy for gaming addict, but in this instance it's worth buying for yourself, especially if you're a keen chef. The book has simple and more challenging recipes, depending on your level of expertise in the kitchen.

Thankfully, for me anyway, the dessert section is not only the largest, but by far the most impressive. I've already made a couple of these and am itching to make some of the others too. The results are... as you'd expect... a little slice of heaven.

My biggest, and only, issue is that cookbooks by their very design are supposed to draw you into each recipe with a mouthwatering image of the finished product. But there are quite a few recipes here where there is no photo at all - which was pretty annoying.

That slight niggle aside, this is a wonderfully compiled collection of mouthwatering treats that are perfect to serve up if you're having a Minecraft party or just fancy offering your guests something a little unusual.


Nick Smithson

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