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PS4 / PS5 Game Review

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Dyna Bomb 2


Format: PS4 / PS5
Publisher: 7 Raven Studios
Developer: 7 Raven Studios
RRP: £15.99
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Age Restrictions: 7+
Release Date: 19 August 2022

Jack and Ela are on vacation on a beautiful tropical island. Unaware of DR. Brutus, they sip fruit juices and talk about their past adventures. They are interrupted by Dr. Brutus's voice. A loud explosion destroys the kiosk where they were relaxing and so they decide to make the bad guy pay for it. Thus begins their new adventure and You will be the protagonist. Choose one of the two heroes or both if you prefer to play with a friend. Fly and shoot bombs across 8 different colourful levels. Discover secret levels and find the way to the secret world. Buy new weapons and other types of upgrades that will help You on your adventure. Defeat all of Dr. Brutus' followers and help Jack and Ela to clean up the wonderful island they are on...

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Choose to play as Jack or Ela

Following on from last years (2021) Dyna Bomb comes the sequel, Dyna Bomb 2. Whereas the first game retailed for £4, this sequel is £16 - a hefty price rise if it's just going to be a rehash of the original.

Graphically, it's an improvement on the first game, and the gameplay feels a lot more polished. While it's in a totally different genre, I couldn't help but be reminded graphically of the original Sega Mega Drive Sonic the Hedgehog.

You get one shot to complete each level. Die and you're forced to start that level all over again. You can play on your own collecting all the collectibles and destroying all the beasties, or in co-op 2-player mode. I have to admit I was drawn to replaying each level until I'd collected everything, before moving on.

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Die and you're forced to start that level from the start

You have a limited amount of fuel for your jet pack and a limited amount of ammo for your weapon. Both of these can be replenished at certain points in the level, but by simply walking around for a bit you can slowly build your fuel levels back up again.

I think I'd recommend picking up the first game, as it's way cheaper, first. And then, if you're totally hooked, buy this sequel.


Nick Smithson

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