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Short Cuts 2020
The Best of Original Short Motion Picture Scores


Composers: Various
Label: MovieScore Media
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 28 May 2021

MovieScore Media bring us a third volume in their annual compilation series devoted to original music written for short films: Short Cuts 2020: The Best of Original Short Motion Picture Scores...

Starting with 2018's Short Cuts 2018, MovieScore Media's annual celebration of scores for short films is one that I look forward to. Once again this volume (15 tracks - 1 hr, 10 min, 32 sec) is diverse and memorable. On the whole these are scores that are emotionally rewarding, mainly comprising of beautifully moving melancholic pieces.

Fans of short movie soundtracks will also be pleased to learn that MovieScore Media has also announced the creation of a completely new sub-label that will focus on the growing, much overlooked field of music from shorts.

Discussing the album, MovieScore Media’s producer Mikael Carlsson says: "Producing the third installment of the annual Short Cuts compilation was more of a challenge this time, most likely because of the limitations brought upon film production due to the pandemic. We were still able to collect an eclectic range of excellent original short film scores from both industry veterans and talented newcomers - the kind of wonderful mix that was also the trademark of the first two collections. The number of high quality short film scores out there is so impressive that working on these three compilation albums lead to the creation of a new MovieScore Media digital sub- label devoted exclusively to single and EP releases of short film scores. The label name? Short Cuts, of course!"

Tracks of note include Matthijs Kieboom incredible music for The Cloudmaker; Robin Hoffmann brooding classical music work for A Father's Job; Joe Kraemer's suspenseful score for Sclera Absentia; and Christian Heschl's music for Endless Beauty.

Another gorgeous collection that is well worth purchasing.

Track listing:

01 - Cosmic Fling (Jordan Seigel) (8.47)
02 - The Cloudmaker (Matthijs Kieboom) (4.06)
03 - Cameleón (Christopher Slaski) (5.26)
04 - Bound (Nicolas Repetto) (3.40)
05 - Girl Tuesday (Laura Rossi) (5.17)
06 - A Father’s Job (Robin Hoffmann) (2.44)
07 - The Last Starship (Fil Eisler) (6.34)
08 - Solution for Sadness (Joan Vilà) (4.27)
09 - Le Petit Contrat (Joris Hermy) (3.23)
10 - Sclera Absentia (Joe Kraemer) (6.03)
11 - The Beast (Kevin Smithers) (2.48)
12 - Boat Boy (Anthony Willis) (2.52)
13 - Endless Beauty (Christian Heschl) (3.19)
14 - Altered Mind of 20-20 (Elia Cmiral) (8.06)
15 - Javelina Run (Steffen Schmidt) (2.59)


Darren Rea

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