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Audio Drama Review


2000 AD
Sláine: The Horned God


Starring: Colin Morgan

Publisher: Penguin Random House Audio

ISBN: 978 178618 452 8

Release Date: 04 March 2021

For too long the people of Tír na nÓg have suffered under the dominion of the drunes; strange druids who have poisoned the land with their magic. Sláine has had enough of their tyranny and, through the Earth Goddess, he learns some shocking truths about the priesthood and his own future. Now Sláine must unite the four kings of Tír na nÓg and use their mystical weapons as he and the Sessair tribe prepare for all-out war...

Sláine: The Horned God is just one of the many Sláine stories published through the pages of 2000 AD. It is a barbarian fantasy adventure series based on Celtic myths and stories.

I was a little apprehensive about reviewing this release as Sláine was one of the stories that I could never really get into when it was originally published in 2000 AD. I dipped in and out of it (which is practically impossible due to the ongoing complex narrative) but it always felt like a Shakespearian version of Conan the Barbarian.

Even if you're unfamiliar with the characters and settings this audio play soon puts you in the picture, via the book's storyteller: Ukko. Sláine's dwarf sidekick and the individual responsible for chronicling Sláine's adventures. Gerry O'Brien plays Ukko and I think it's safe to say that the entire production rests on his shoulders. If you don't get onboard with Ukko the entire story falls flat. While Colin Morgan is fine as Sláine, it's surprising how little dialogue he actually has considering he's the main character.

Ukko is really the main voice in this production. The character is funny, lewd and takes liberties with parts of the story.

All of the supporting cast are strong, but if you're finding yourself a little lost, or you want to see the world as originally envisaged by Pat Mills (writer) and Simon Bisley (artist) then simply pick up a copy of the graphic novel and follow along with this audio recording.

An engaging and well produced audio play.


Darren Rea

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