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A Study in Pink #2


Writers: Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss
Artist: Jay.
Publisher: Titan Comics
RRP: UK £2.65, US $3.99, Cdn $4.99
Age: 12+
32 pages
Publication Date: 13 July 2016

The Japanese Sherlock manga continues in this all-new English edition, adapting the episodes of the smash-hit BBC / Hartswood Films TV show! As Sherlock Holmes (as played by Benedict Cumberbatch) and John Watson (Martin Freeman) move in to 221B Baker Street and begin their tentative crime-solving partnership, the mystery of a citywide spate of ‘serial suicides’ remains – and Sherlock is dragged deeper into the depraved world of the killer! The plot thickens as Sherlock and John race to the crime scene of the first victim to leave a note…!

Following the extra-long #1, this is a regular 32-page issue, containing 28 pages of strip, and that includes a three-page recap of the story so far. As a result of this, plus the fact that Jay. has retained practically every moment of Steven Moffat’s television script, this instalment focuses primarily on Sherlock and John’s investigation of the fourth victim.

Lines such as Sherlock’s salacious comments about Sergeant Donovan’s unusual deodorant and the state of her knees work just as well on the printed page as they did when delivered by Benedict Cumberbatch on screen. Elsewhere, John is aghast that his colleague is having so much fun. “There’s a woman lying dead,” he reminds him. “Perfectly sound analysis,” remarks Sherlock, “but I was hoping you’d go deeper.”

There’s also some enjoyable business beforehand, as Sherlock and John make their way to the crime scene in the back of a taxi. The detective explains how he has managed to observe so many details about his new friend’s life – but is nevertheless annoyed when he gets one crucial fact wrong!

The issue ends at a suitably exciting point, with a public telephone mysteriously ringing. Next issue, we will meet the shadowy figure of ‘M’…


Richard McGinlay

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