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Doctor Who
The Tenth Doctor #2.9


Writer: Nick Abadzis
Artist: Iolanda Zanfardino
Colourist: Hi-Fi
Publisher: Titan Comics
RRP: UK £2.65, US $3.99, Cdn $4.99
Age: 12+
32 pages
Publication Date: 04 May 2016

The charming village of Dewbury has a very disgruntled resident – the Wishing Well Witch! How will the Doctor, Gabby and Cindy fare against this seven-faced supernatural force when the Witching Hour strikes for real? And is there a darker, more complicated truth to the Witch that still stands to be revealed? You bet! What lurks within the well is something far worse, and more strange, than the legend! It’s an unearthly terror, cast through a schism in the universe… and it’s tearing the town apart…!

If ever Titan Comics decides to produce a new X-Files title, then allow me to recommend this issue’s guest illustrator Iolanda Zanfardino as the artist to draw it. The reason I make this suggestion is that sometimes the Doctor looks more like David Duchovny than David Tennant in this instalment, the second and final part of The Wishing Well Witch.

There is also some confusion over whether Gabriella is wearing trousers or has bare legs, leading to some potentially indecent poses, though it is unclear whether the fault lies with Zanfardino or with the colourists at Hi-Fi. (Last issue, Gabby was wearing dark-coloured tights under her skirt.)

In other respects, though, the visuals here are a good match for the cartoony yet stylised art set up last time by Eleonora Carlini, with plenty of dramatic, wind-ruffled poses from the humanoid characters, and lots of contorted shapes assumed by the Wishing Well Witch.

Meanwhile, writer Nick Abadzis dramatically discloses the origin of the Witch herself… itself… themselves… whatever. It’s a big revelation for the Doctor and for fans of his era of the television show (one that may have been slightly spoiled by Titan’s online synopsis for this issue). I expect there will be consequences…


Richard McGinlay

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