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Technotise: Edit & I


Starring (voice): Sanda Knežević, Igor Bugarski, Tatjana Đorđević, Nikola Đuričko and Nebojša Glogovac
Distributor: Simply Media
RRP: £12.99
Certificate: TBC
Release Date: 09 November 2015

Edit keeps failing her exams, much to the exasperation of her mother, who won’t get off her case. Her boyfriend is sympathetic, but more interested in whether it is better to sleep with a real girl or a replica. With her options running out she asks her dope dealing friend to inject her with a military grade memory chip. The chip not only helps Edit to memories her classes it also starts to grow, mirroring her own nervous system, providing her with not only superhuman reflexes, but also hallucinations of a man she does not recognise...

Technotise: Edit & I (2009. 1 hr, 26 min, 14 sec) is a science fiction thriller, written and directed by Aleksa Gajic, a Serbian comic book artist and film director. The film is an adaptation of his own comic.

The film is set in a futuristic 2074 Belgrade, where Edit is not only trying to pass her psychology exams, but also hold down a part time job looking after an autistic young man. Edit discovers that this man had not always been mute, that he was a savant who had discovered an overriding equation which connected the whole of reality allowing him to see the future, following which he stopped talking.

The scientist who employs Edit also acts as the man’s guardian. The government have tried to use his equation but every time they run it the computer achieves sentience and promptly shuts itself down. He decides that in order for Edit to understand the importance of breaking through, and getting him to speak, he shows Edit the equation while she still has the memory chip implanted in her arm.

It’s a shame that there was no option for an English dub track, not that vocal artists Sanda Knezevic (Edit), Nebojsa Glogovac (Edi) or any of the other actors do a bad job, but the need to read the subtitles means that you will often miss some of the smaller subtler touches and sight gags in the film, which is a real shame. Also there is one point where there are subtitles on the original film and when the English subtitles are overlaid it renders both unreadable.

The art is very crisp and clean, with detailed backgrounds and lots of minutia to explore. There are moments when the art strays into looking a little too much like Flash animation, but I think that is down to the look of some of the shots rather than it being actual Flash. The film was made over quite a long period with a small crew and an even smaller budget, but you wouldn’t think this by the finished product.

The film is much like the central figure, irreverent, sexy and a whole lot of fun. The disc contained no extras, but if you go to the film's web site ( you can download the film's soundtrack for free and view the trailer.


Charles Packer

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