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Eureka Seven AO
Astral Ocean
Part 2


Starring (voice): Kanako Miyamoto, Yūtarō Honjō, Akio Nojima, Ayaka Ohashi and Chiaki Omigawa
Distributor: Manga Entertainment
RRP: £24.99
Certificate: 15
Release Date: 10 March 2014

2025 on the island of Iwato Jima, Ao, the son of Eureka and Renton Thurston has grown up in a world which is being intruded by aliens and “Secrets”. The aliens are beings whose own agenda endangers the world of humans. Leading the fight against the threat, the Generation Bleu is determined to push back the onslaught of the Scub Bursts. Ao wants to join the fight, but the arrival of Eureka, ten years after her disappearance, changes everything for him...

Eureka Seven AO: Part 2 (2012 - Eps. 13 - 24) is a complex mecha science fiction anime series directed by Tomoki Kyoda. The show followed on from the original series which was very well thought of. The second half of the season is presented on a two disc DVD set, which also includes The Flowers of Jungfraujoch OVA.

Although, for fans of this second series, this story brings some closure as we discover what happened to Eureka and Renton. Fans will also spot that this story is set centuries before the original. Yup, were talking time travel and a story so dense that it’s almost impossible to explain.

The show has a main villain, in the form of ‘Truth’ although his agenda remains obscured through most of the show, but then so much of the character motivations remain this way throughout the show.

Visually the show is very beautiful to look at with good differentiating character designs and complex, detailed backgrounds, which is particularly evident in the mecha fight scenes. The colour palette is oddly muted in a lot of scenes and the show regularly switches from bright, white scenes, to darker scenes, however, blue and white are heavily used throughout.

There is a full length commentary for episode 13 on disc one and disc two has a commentary for episodes 21 and 24. None of these demonstrate any particular depth, being the American dub gang shooting the sh*t, sometimes talking about the show, often talking about themselves and occasionally just talking about other stuff. Disc two also has a small number of extras, in the form of Promotional Videos (9 min, 33 sec), a collection of adverts for the show, the Textless Songs, four opening sequences and two closing. This disc wraps with the Funmation English language Trailer (1 min, 54 sec).

The Flowers of Jungfraujoch OVA is included with the episodes, rather than being considered an extra, given that its running time is not that of a film, but rather of an ordinary episode, this seem reasonable. It moves the action away from Japan to Switzerland.

The show is a difficult one. Taken as a whole it has had its ups and downs, certainly the latter third was its best. If the original series had not existed then this one would have been looked on with a kinder eye, but there is no easy way of saying that taken as a whole it’s not as good as its predecessor. That said it still a nice package for an anime release.


Charles Packer

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